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Nisa & Jack - The Second Time Around...

So, I took her to the airport. Walked her to her departure gate and let go of her hand. Off she went through the barriers looking back occasionally over her shoulder, a tear in her the other side of the barrier tears almost flooding the airport. That was it I told myself and as she passed through security and waved goodbye I turned and headed for the car park. 

I remember jumping in the car driving back to the place where I was living with David and walking the stairs without effort, my body dragging step by step. I opened the door to the apartment and walked into my bedroom where only hours earlier she had been in my arms; there was a postcard on the bed with a picture of some Asian Skyline, on closer inspection it was a postcard of Singapore and when I turned it over I found beautiful words. Nisa had written something like 

"Smitty, So much to say so little time to say it, thank you for a wonderful time, until we meet again"

I knew I liked this girl, but I wasn't sure we'd meet again, no firm commitments were shared by either party after the initial get together but we stayed in close contact and communicated across Messenger and phone / text daily. After a week or two of her return I received a parcel in the mail from her... I'm afraid It's my pleasure to keep the specifics of this item from you but trust me when I tell you i still have them and they bring as much a smile to my face now as the did when I first opened the package ;)

It was late August or early September and I found myself missing her dearly and unfortunately that meant I displayed the green streak I'm assuming (hoping) most men display from time to time and I got jealous of her in photos with other guys and actually gained this complex where I couldn't bring myself to check her facebook page just in case I saw something I didn't like. I know it was all unjustified and feel like an absolute douche when I look back. It obviously (coupled with the distance) made us argue and fall out from time to time and at some points she probably would have been just in telling me not to call again and hanging up, but she never did..

It came to a point in early September when we were talking about Christmas and Nisa was contemplating booking another flight and coming BACK over to see me. She planned to meet some friends in London and we hypothetically discussed me flying from Amsterdam, meeting her in London, spending some time in London then somehow making it back up to Sunderland for Christmas and New Year. She toyed with the idea as I continued to act like a massive douche every now and then and then just as thought I'd ruined it I received an email from her, and it had an attachment. I remember vividly opening the email and seeing a PDF attachment without any text. I double clicked the adobe icon and the PDF opened; it was a booking confirmation email from Emirates. She had done it, she had booked another flight, I was going to spend Christmas with Nisa :)

I worked very hard at work to ensure I got the time I needed off at Christmas and booked all the relevant flights. We planned more specifics about the holiday but mostly I just looked forward to seeing her.

In total..from the moment she went on the airplane back to Singapore to when we would meet again at the back end of December it would be almost 5 months since we were last together. That sort of time can pull on the strongest of relationships, mine and Nisa's was new and maybe that's why it lasted all that time apart. I thought about her almost everyday, I'd never met anyone I'd adored as much in my entire life. 

In between Marnixstraat and The Naussaukade, Amsterdam, December 2010

December soon came and with it came heavy amounts of snow across Europe, but severe amounts in Scotland. As a result work became unbelievably stressful and I couldn't wait for December 18th to arrive so I jump on a plane and go meet Nisa. I worked all the hours God sent to ensure things went as smooth as possible; this coupled with the Discounting L/C project they throw at me every six months..December went quickly and before I knew it the time was upon me to pack my bags and fly to London. 

The weather in the UK got so bad that lots and lots of flights were canceled causing a public outrage and how unprepared the Airports were for the weather. As a direct result of this tomfoolery by the big wig airport execs my flight on the Saturday was canceled. I tried to the call the airline for hours but all the phone lines were continuously blocked. Airport and carrier websites were crashing and I couldn't get any information what so ever. Instead of contacting the airport or carrier I just decided to forget about my canceled flight for the time being and look for an alternative one to get me to London. I managed to get myself a KLM flight on the following evening but this time I was strategic; and decided to pay a little extra to fly into London City Airport. A small new airport on the outskirts of London; right next to the Lyons factory, the company that make Golden Syrup :) 

On top of all my Drama Nisas flight was rerouted from London to Manchester then to Glasgow then back to London but she finally arrived in London on the same scheduled day, the Saturday but thankfully she bumped into a friend at airport and they helped her find the right underground train she needed to get to Euston Station, which is where out Hotel was booked; the Premier Inn right outside the station in pretty much the heart of London.

I got my flight on the Sunday evening and thankfully it wasn't canceled, but the flights at the other two main airports of London were! Thankful I'd been strategic I landed in London City Airport and got the DLR to the Underground and made my way towards Euston station so very excited that I was going to see Nisa again. I finally got to the Hotel and made my way to the room after some deliberation with the counter staff as I hadn't arrived the previous day even though I had called ahead informing them my flight was canceled, the message didn't seem to be relayed amongst the other staff. Never mind...I was finally in the elevator on the way to the Fifth floor where Nisa was. As the elevator reached the floor and the kind lady voice of the elevator informed me we were on Floor 5 I stepped out and became insanely nervous and full of trepidation. Nisa Latifah; all thoughts from what if she doesn't like me anymore? What if she has changed? What if? What if?  Assuming like I always do..

I got to the door of the room, took a lungful of confidence and tried to look through the peephole; not being able to see anything I could hear the just more than silent babble from the television which was on in the room. With one final lungful of confidence I swiped the card down the reader on the side of the door and pushed the door open and walked in.

There she was...looking even more beautiful that I remembered her. Her eyes and her body language rang with nervousness and i quickly understood she was just as nervous and shaky as me. It was so strange to see her again.. no matter how much contact you have with someone it's amazing what physical distance can do, she felt uneasy it was obvious, I felt uneasy It was obvious too. When we slept that night she did the cutest thing and slept with a pillow in between her legs.. I took this as a sign but it wasn't the correct assumption.

We spent time together in London and for me it was magical, not because it was London and not because I was off work but because It was Christmas (I'm a sucker for the festive season) and mostly, mainly, because I was with her. We went shopping, we ate great food, we even went to the London HQ of Diageo while she picked some stuff up for work, I met her Filipino friend Red and he took us to a great Italian Restaurant under a bridge (a bit cramped but the food was great) and I got to wake up next to her every morning. To me, this is what life is simply all about.

When our time in London came to a close it was evident that the weather was still playing havoc with the transport; the train's were all over the place and our train was delayed but eventually we headed off to London Kings Cross to take out train to Sunderland for Christmas. While waiting for the train randomly I saw the British Comedian Justin Lee Collins but I wasn't going to ask for an autograph; I'm not that kind of person - I wanted to touch his bouncy flowing locks however but he was in a bit of a rush or so it seemed. We boarded the train for the 4 hour journey to Durham and I've got to say it was the best train journey of my entire life. We got a few supplies before boarding the train but (and she'll probably kill me for writing this on the internet) we were both extremely do I say this tactfully.. Frisky on the train and we got up to a considerable amount of mischief considering we were on a packed and quite close quartered metal rectangle of public transport...ahhh great memories. We eventually arrived in Durham to be met by my Grandmother but because the Weather was bad the train was delayed and my Nana being my Nana left her phone at home; she'd arrived and waited..waited some more and then waited a little bit more before heading back home. So in the end we took a taxi back to Sunderland and arrived safe and sound, the night of that day was a lot of fun emphasising the words "a lot" as much as I can. She was back, in my bed in my silly quiet hometown..looking back, this fact alone is testament to how much she cared for me at the time.

Christmas Day came and so did the abundant Christmas Lunch that only the legend that is my Grandmother can prepare; Soft and doughy Yorkshire Puddings, Creamy smooth mashed potato, perfectly cooked carrots, crispy pork and onion sage stuffing, chipolata sausages wrapped in crispy bacon, slices and slices of slowly cooked British beef, angel white Turkey Breast and lashings and lashings of thick, fragrant home made Onion Gravy. Typing this is making me as hungry as hell but when Nisa was at the table waiting for her very first British Christmas Dinner and the food was served her eyes were like a Japanese Anime character, like a child on Christmas morning being greeted with a barrage of sparkly, shiny and colorfully wrapped boxes... they were Wide open with awe and amazement. God her appetite is awesome for such a small girl, it's one of the things I love about her most...

Me & Nisa @ My Grandmother's house - Christmas 2010

Nisa making Snowball's in the front Garden

After Lunch, we went outside as Nisa was loving the snow! She threw some snowballs at me, threw some snowballs around the Garden oh and fell over in the snow (which was epic) I've got that on video somewhere.. it's epic. She made the worst and smallest Snowman you ever did see... like a Snow Dwarf Man..haha how cute.. I won't put that photo up and embarrass her though :) Not only was it her first time eating Christmas dinner but it was her first time seeing Snow.. whatever happens with his whether we work or not I hope she'll always remember these days and selfishly hope she associates them with me.. 

The Worst but yet the Best Snowman ever made - Sorry Nisa! I posted it :)

After Christmas was over we spent a few extra nights in Sunderland before planning a trip; I realised after a very short period of time my Hometown is boring.. well to me it's normal but to the girl from the bustling bright lights of South East Asia and the growing and partying that is Singapore it would be very very boring. So we decided to go to Scotland.. up to Edinburgh for a few days away. Before that however we went Bowling and it shames me to show this...

Can you see that? No word of a lie... I did not let her win.. Had to swallow the XY pride big style

After the bowling we did a bit of a Photo Night; taking lot's of silly random photos in silly and random poses all but a few of them clearly spoiled my presence.. 

Don't know what's nicer about this photo? The clear love for the Dog or that ass to the right? :)

We then took on the 116 mile journey from Sunderland to Edinburgh but because the MR2 was off the road we had to take another car... the parents needed the Clio so God Forgive me I had to borrow my Grandmothers Citroen Berlingo..... I know I know, tell me about it. 1.6 Litres of French scrap. 

I booked us a small bed and breakfast pretty much in the centre of Edinburgh, set the Sat Nav to on and we went for it. We arrived in Edinburgh a few hours later, myself getting stressed to the Max trying to find the B&B and Nisa the angel calming me down as she always does and eventually we rocked up outside the B&B, slapped on the Disabled Badge :) and parked. 

Nisa @ The Foot of Edinburgh Castle

Our time in Edinburgh was mixed I think both for her and me, we had a few well.. I wouldn't say arguements maybe disagreements and we voiced some things we wanted to say to each other which I guess is healthy. For some reason to me she can't do anything wrong, she's close to perfection for me but I know deep deep down I know there's something not quite right with her.. it's like she can't open up properly or give me the emotion I give her. I know I'm an emotional boy, more emotional than most maybe but I don't know I can't quite put my finger on it. I do know however I love this girl to bits and right now in this moment writing this 6 months after I last saw her face to face I'd probably do anything to be with her again. I'm contemplating moving to Singapore to be with her; I tried for a role in March / April but unfortunately I didn't get it..

On the way back from Edinburgh I tried to do a thing that Men are known not to be able to do; I tried to multi task. Whilst driving I tried to remove my Jacket and during my wriggling around succesfully managed to look like a mentalist trying to escape from his straight jacket and I had a histeric Malay girl sitting to my left pointing and laughing her ass off at me; this may sound trivial to you but she has a beautiful laugh and I'd be more than willing to make a fool of myself every single day just to hear that laugh again.

I won't bore you with anymore fine details; we returned from Edinburgh and before I knew it her stay was over and it was the night before her train back to London to catch her flight back home to Sing. I remember lying there, propped up against my pillow / back of my bed just watching her sleep. I must have sat there for an hour maybe more completely wide awake watching her chest move in and out (not in a pervy way) and listening to her cute little snores. I wanted to just hold her so tightly and tell her how much she meant to me but didn't want to wake her from her dreams. Eventually I too drifted off with the Sandman.

All of a sudden; we were in the car and I was taking her to Durham train station for the return journey. I wrote a silly stupid letter and slipped it into her luggage without her noticing before we set off - hopefully it would be some light reading material for her to help her pass the time while being reassured how much I cared for her - I never did found out what her reaction was. The drive to the train station was bad, like I'd lost a family member or I'd been given some really bad news I was just numb knowing that with each metre the car travelled was part of the countdown before she had to go back; I wish however she'd felt the same obviously I think (hope) she had an OK time with me over the festive period but could see she wanted to be home with her friends and family which is completely understandable. We arrived at the train station and it was absolutely freezing I remember the cold like yesterday, with tears on my cheeks the cold was like being bitten by an insect so raw against my skin helping the memory to be burned into my brain. Just before we left the car she pulled her Monkey face; she actually did it very well and it made me laugh amongst all the emotions she actually made me laugh. What a girl.

I had a stupid appointment with the dentist that I couldn't cancel and I had to leave her at the train station to wait for her train, I guess it was for the best otherwise I'd have had to put her on the train myself and that would have been just too God damn hard. The drive to the dentist I was numb again tears streaming down my face like Niagra falls wondering if I'd ever see her again. I had to go to Singapore, I have to see this girl again.

Merry Christmas Nisa, thank you from the bottom of my squidgy heart.

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