Friday, February 04, 2011

Nisa & Jack - The Story So Far...

As I've just started my blogging life and I dont really get on here as much as I'd like.. this next post is basically a "catch up" of events so far up until current day, the best thing in my life right now; Miss Nisa.

I'll sum this up as quick as I can but let's start from the beginning..

How we got to know one another

Work,...Work got me into this...

I started at Diageo in Amsterdam in September 2009 and started by supporting a Dutch / Indonesian woman called Maria. She had alot of work on her hands and it was decided I'd support her and eventually take some of her workload. After 2 months I got my permanent contract and began working "on my own" with my first markets. Diageo Indochina [now Diageo Vietnam], Riche Monde Malaysia [now MHD Malaysia], MHD Singapore, VOK Asia and Image Pillar Sdn Bhd. A good mix of In-market Diageo owned subsidiaries and a handful of 3rd Parties to spice things up a bit. To cut a long story short; I began working with a woman based in Diageo Singapore called Phui Har Lim; a Malaysian woman married to an English guy. In her early 30's, Phui Har Lim or PH as I used to call her worked in finance and provided me costing info for my daily job. Eventually I added her to facebook and one night, inquisitive and bored I decided to go through her photo albums on her profile. Nothing out of the ordinary; lots of photos of her and her young child, her husband, friends and travel know the usual, and then somehow I came across a photo she had commented on, this photo:

The Photo That Caught Jack Smith

My first reaction was quite literally "WOW" out loud, the Doctor Martins are cool no? Then..there are those legs...I'm a 25 year old white blooded male from Sunderland (where proper men come from) but I'll be as subtle as possible..shit, they are amazing.
The next day at work I was having an MSN conversation with PH, my work pal at Diageo and after we'd discussed business of course I light heartidly asked her.."Hey PH, who's that girl in the photo you commented on yesterday" and she replied with " mean Nisa?"

Within a minute someone else was invited into the conversation with me and PH, a girl called Nisa. Apprehension to say the least. PH then typed the words "Jack think's your cute"..I went red and blushed even thought we were 13,000 miles apart. I then got comfortable in the conversation and started flirting with Nisa a little and it was reciprocated, shly but reciprocated none the less.

We added each other on FB, and chatted pretty much everyday at work, we got on like a house on fire.... *Hollywood Slow Mo-Fade Out*

Nisa in Europe: Round 1

One day in a conversation with Nisa she mentioned she was thinking about a trip but couldnt think where to go..Europe or another location, can't remember the other place she wanted to visit. I obviously cheekly pushed and pushed in conversations for her to come to Europe flirting every second of it..then an awesome day arrived; she told me she had booked a flight to Amsterdam to come and visit me. Euphoria would be an understatement, by now we'd developed quite a relationship and I reallly wanted to meet her.

I remember distinctly waiting at Schipol Aiport in Amsterdam, standing at gate 3 waiting for her arrival. Her plane had landed and according to the array of LCD Monitors above me her bags had been delivered to the final emotional obstacle in air travel; the baggage collection conveyor belt of death. I waited and waited until eventually Nisa physically entered my life and I just remember being so happy to finally see her, to be completely honest she looked rough after her flight but anyone would after the long haul air journey she had just taken but she was still absolutely stunning.

We had about 10 wonderful days in Amsterdam together, went out and ate alot, enjoyed the sites, sounds and culture the city has to offer..and consequently as each day went by I liked her more and more...We then decided to mak an epic 10 hour trip by car to England and she would stay with me and my family in Sunderland for the remainder of her holiday and then we'd take the ferry back to Amsterdam so she could catch her flight home.

Created by God

She adored England and said it was her new favourite place in the world, which made me smile quite alot, either at the ridiculousness of her statement or by some previously undisclosed sense of patriotism. Our time in England was bliss, we did nothing but eat, sleep, shop, sleep and eat...well the saucey details Im keeping to myself Im afraid :)

 As the saying goes "all good things come to an end" and our time together quickly passed, before I knew it, it was time to take the ferry back to Amsterdam and then once again as if someone had pressed FF on my life; I was in the car with her on the way to the airport. 

To Be Continued
Part 2 Coming Soon