Monday, January 17, 2011

The YouTube Challenge

The story is a basic one but a one I wanted to share, as a Drum And Bass fan and YouTube user I obviously linked the two and found many DnB delights on YouTube including UKDrumAndBass and Liquicity. At several times dissapointed by their lack of uploading, shameful dubstep and commercialisation I decided to start my own channel featuring just good drum and bass songs, mainly Liquid / Funk and Breakbeat DnB I began compiling a list of songs and uploading them to YouTube with only one purpose, so people can hear good music! If they like what they hear there are links inside each tracks description linking the listener to the record label or artists website for more information, this YouTube channel Ive made is of no commercial gain or profit to anyone involved. 

After being the first to upload the Full Vocal Remix of E-Z Rollers "Tough At The Top" tune I quickly gained 50,000 views and have continued to approx 81,000 views as of today. 

My goal is simple; to share great music with those in need! - Keep the music coming, keep adveritisng the channel and by the end of 2011 have 500,000 combined views on all videos. Im not bothered about specific channel visits, subscribers or likes etc just to achieve half a million cumulative views on my music videos.

339 days to go.