Sunday, January 09, 2011

Do You Like Indian Food? Are You A Man Or A Mouse?

Over the festive period I had my wonderful visitor from Singapore over again, Miss Latifah. Her appetite for food in General is astonishing for a tiny tiny Asian girl, the Girl can really eat!

Her favourite foods include Full English Breakfasts, Sushi, Pizza's, Fish And Chips, Bacon Sandwiches and last but by no means least, Indian Food, spicy Indian Food.

We went to 3 different places in my hometown of Sunderland, UK and at each one she ordered the spiciest curry on the menu, Vindaloo. Each time the waiter / serving staff looked at her with a look of disbelief that this tiny girl was ordering the hottest thing on the menu.. and subsequently, each time she ate the curry was hot but not hot enough..

During the Christmas period we took a short trip to the lovely city of Edinburgh and we decided to dabble in some Punjabi Cuisine....

The place was called Khushi, and the waiter was one of the nicest guys ever!

Located @ 32 B Broughten Street, Edinburgh City Centre this restaurant really is a gem.

I ordered my usual, Chicken Madras and Nisa ordered herself a Lamb Jalfrezi but "Vindaloo" hot. My Madras came first and holy shit it was hot, no word of a lie, it was well and truly the spiciest thing I have ever eaten in my entire 25 years on this planet. Although it was destroying my taste buds and making me knock back the Cobra Lager like it was water just to cool my mouth it was incredibly moreish and I couldn't help but going back for more.

Nisa's Jalfrezi on the other hand was out of this world, it made me Madras taste like a Chicken Korma. Seriously hot, too hot for her although she probably won't admit it :)

After our delicious food, the waiter explained to us that my Madras had 1/2 tablespoon of special Chili powder, where Nisa's Vindaloo Hot Jalfrezi had 2 FULL TABLESPOONS!

The purpose of this post is two fold, one to emphasize the fantastic Punjabi cuisine available from Kushi in Edinburgh but mainly to emphasize how awesome my Nisa is :)

So if you are ever in Edinburgh, and you consider yourself a curry fan, you need to put your dedication to the test and visit Khushi!