Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life Is The Most Precious Thing...

My Auntie Jean (Centre) with my Mother (Right)

It's unfortunate that I have to start this blog with bad news. In the early hours of Tuesday 28th December my Auntie Jean (pictured on the left) passed away. My Mother (pictured on the right) is completely distraught at the loss as is the entire family; my heart goes out to her two daughters Selina and Jacqueline. 

Jean was 51 when she died and I think what hit the family the most was how quick it happened. She was taken into hospital on Christmas Eve with Jaundice, she had her demons as do a lot of us, her battle was with Alcohol. The picture above was taken on Jean's 40th Birthday where she looks very healthy and is the wide smiling Jean I remember.

Since the photo was taken she lost more than half her body weight which on first impressions is always an achievement on which to congratulate someone, having weight issues all my life myself I know the euphoria that comes with weight loss compliments, not to mention the increase in self confidence and overall happiness. Unfortunately now with hindsight, Jean's weight loss I believe was the result of her alcohol consumption and lack of food intake. Drinking excessive alcohol and not eating is just a recipe for disaster as this post proves.

Cause of death was a combination of Pneumonia, Low Blood Pressure and Sepsis. Sepsis is a serious full body infection, a full body inflammatory state caused by infection and a weak immune system. It is accompanied by Organ dysfunction and failure.

I write this on Wednesday 5th January with the funeral looming tomorrow, I hate funerals and do not want to have to go to any ever again but I have to be there for my Mother who has lost her dear sister. The pain and sadness in my Mothers face when she cries thinking about Jean is unbearable, It breaks my heart, so i know tomorrow is going to be a horrible, horrible day. Jean had 6 sisters who will all be there tomorrow with the next generation of family, there will be lots of tears, heartache and emotions I really hope I can manage it for my Mothers sake if for nothing else.

R.I.P Auntie Jean.
Sleep now for you are at peace.