Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

So today is the day after Valentine’s Day, well only just or did I miss it? Depends what time zone you’re in. It also depends when you’re reading this I guess. Does it matter which universe you are in?

Anyway, for me I'm writing this on St Valentine's Day and I’m still here in Cambodia. The Chen is studying in France. I know, I’ll tell you all about that in a later post.

I was working from the Hotel today and I opened my inbox to find an e-card. I hope she doesn’t read this because I’m gonna post the card:

The Best I Keep To Myself

Sweet huh? I’ve been involved in the weird and wonderful world of dating on and off since I was 15 and without a big head; I’ve had my fair share. It’s very seldom I receive things as wonderful as this card. She will probably never know how much it means, but to an emotional guy like myself I'll tell you this means a lot.

She told me she had got me something and had had it shipped to Singapore, I wasn’t going to be there on Valentine’s Day but it’s ok she was late or the postal service was late - it actually worked out pretty well given the timings. You know as a guy, to be honest, you don’t really care about Valentine’s Day, well I dont anyway. It’s just another day you have to go out and actually do the dreaded task of shopping for things for someone that isn’t yourself. That's a task in itself but It’s even worse when it’s your girlfriend. A female. Something a male will avoid at all situations if possible. I decided to get her flowers and found a website delivering flowers in Paris, the selection wasn’t as nice as I’d been hoping I mean the price was seriously bourgeois  but the selection just didn’t match. Anyway, I'd procrastinated as usual, and although not 1 day before Valentine's I hadn't meticulously planned this. What did I expect?

I logged into Facebook earlier and was pleasantly surprised at The Chen posting a picture of the Roses and openly wishing me thank you. I mean, she’s a girl she loves flowers, and yes I didn’t get her favourite flowers, Orange Lillie’s. It’s Valentine’s Day, they gotta be roses right? I'll save the lilies for a very special occasion or when I'm in trouble (thanks Vicky!)

I’m surprised she did something like that on FB, because she’s not a very open type of girl. I mean she is when you know her but just because you’re on her Facebook doesn’t constitute you the right to actually know her. She's awesome like that.

It just has to be Red Roses right?

I love this girl, I really do and it’s outrageously frustrating the fact she’s in France. I always hated Geography, wish I was there in Europe with her.

-- March 8th -- xxx 

Happy Valentine’s Day