Saturday, February 09, 2013

New Delhi, India

So around the time of Phuket, it might have been one month earlier actually in April 2012 the SEA Key Accounts team that I'm technically a part of because of my ties to the mighty - er - local and because of that connection I got to go to New Delhi in India as part of a 5 day event to discuss strategy and celebrate success, you know all that jazz.

The Dining Room @ The Westin, New Delhi

As the Key Account guys are pretty pimp in the corporate world and because India is outrageously cheap we got to stay in the five star Westin resort and spa. Apart from the fact that we had to share our rooms and I was sharing with the big boss, a burly aussie fella.

I'm not going to bore you any further by sharing details of this 5 day event and because of it I really didn't get to see much of Delhi so without further ado I'll share some photos of the trip..

The Lovers Statue at The Kingdom of Dreams

The Demon King at The Kingdom of Dreams

The Theater at The Kingdom of Dreams

We had one free afternoon where we whisked on a bus and taken though the insane Delhi traffic. I've been in some pretty mental traffic in both Bangkok and in Jakarta but this was horrendous, Indias roads are tumultuous and deadly. Vehicles overtake with low performance engines, dangerously risking the lives of those on board and those of the oncoming traffic. Everyone does it, cars, bikes, buses, trucks. The condition of the roads too, like 1940's Europe after the Blitz or a brief dose of the Blitzkrieg. The towns and villages we drove through were eye opening, they were the poorest streets and people I've ever seem. TV adverting and organizations such as Comic Relief are good at getting us tearful with starving African children montages doused with even more massive attack but I was really here, standing on my own two feet witnessing the poverty with my own two eyes, it was as much eye opening as it was dismaying.

These places that I visit and the experiences they provide me will have some positive impact on my life, I know it. I can feel it already.

One awesome thing about India trip, beside the food, was the Bollywood show we went to see at the Kingdom of the Dreams. The Kingdom of Dreams was a small entertainment village containing food hall and restaurants, shops and stalls, music and dance and a theater for live performance. Playing while we were there was a show about a Gypsy prince called Zangoora. Most of the work group left at the half time interval but I stayed to watch the full thing. How would I describe a live bollywood show? It's like a louder, more colourful pantomime. An amazing experience. I love Bollywood however I can imagine after watching 20 or 30 of them (or maybe much much less) the novelty sharp wears off.

I have to go back to India..