Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A brief encounter of the Australian kind

So my roommate Enrique currently has two of his friends staying over. Madhava and Onion 'aka Sam' from Australia have been here for the last two days. They are embarking on an epic voyage of adventure across Asia with Russia and Europe as final destinations. They will be bombarded by humidity, colour and culture. They start in Singapore and will venture next into the Kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia. Part 3 will see them bus it from Siem Reap to Bangkok where they will enjoy the accomplishments of Thailand. From Thailand they travel east again and spend some time in the 13th most populous country in the world, Vietnam. After they have enjoyed some pho and spent some dong they will travel  into the Peoples Republic of China before venturing into Mongolia. From Mongolia the Aussie wanderers will hit Russia before venturing down into Europe, final destination being Deutschland - where they will stay, work and live for the foreseeable future.

Like digital boy scouts they are going fully equipped; with GoPro's, DSLR, iPods, Solar Powered speakers (that daisy chain) deodorant and underwear. They are going to have such an amazing time, despite their sacrifices it will be a trip even without documenting will stay etched in their memories forever. Even though Madhava is bit on the intense side for me when he has a drink in him, I wish I was going with them.

On the second night, Madhava, a big fan and long time advocate of drum & bass music brought his iPod out to entertain the apartment. Redeeming himself from his earlier misdemeanor of playing Hip Hop he dropped a selection of crowd pleasing High Contrast tracks, subliminally knowing I adore Hospital Records and all analogous material. We had some serious apartment wide frat house like 'bromance' listening to an assortment of liquid drum & bass drinking beer into the early hours. I wish them all the best on their trip, Enrique will join then for Cambodia and Thailand and I echo my previous comment - I really wish I was going with them. Have an awesome time guys, be safe, roll before you rock and all that jazz - I'll see you on the flip side.

This track is for you guys, and yes Concord Dawn are Kiwi :)