Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special Soap

So I was on a recent trip to Bali with my girlfriend.. I'll give you the full download of the trip in my usual photo diary installments but wanted to briefly mention about a very specific thing that happened to me.

On the third day I'm sitting by the pool and the girl comes and sits down, legs in the water. I swam to her and got close and on contact was filled with a nose full of wondrous aroma from her shower gel and her multiple creams, washes and perfumes applied during showering and afterwards. A few hours passed and long had the fresh fruit aroma of Huangyi's skin faded when I needed to take a shower myself. When walking into the bathroom the remnants of her shower remained, wanting to smell super fresh for her I proceeded to investigate her stash of bathroom accessories and found two small bottless which I managed to identify as  'Shower Gel' and 'Shampoo' - I proceeded to shower.

Almost a direct representation of how many products the girl brought for a 5 day trip..

I walked out of that bathroom a new man - smelling like a fresh fruit salad. I walked outside in my bathrobe incredibly eager to show off my new scent and my shiny. The girl, she noticed instantly - her face puzzled as she tried to pin down what I'd used. Giving up she asked what I'd used and in my usual descriptive ways I said 'the small bottle with pink cap, with blue stuff in side - I used that for my face and the thin bottle with pink liquid for my hair' to which she replied 'Oh'. Her face calculating what I'd just said and very quickly a cheek to cheek smile formed across her face.

Turns out these were refillable bottles she carries round with her - the substance I'd used to wash my hair was not shampoo at all but a concentrated specialized face wash costing hundreds of dollars. The watery substance I'd applied in abundance across my body; assured it was shower gel was of course a vagina wash.

A tip for other men out there and a lesson well learned; if you're going to use a girls cleaning stuff - ask what it is before you use it.