Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Missing Transformer – Polvorón!

I wonder how many were lured here by the promise of a potentially new and exciting Transformer, a robot in disguise? Only my Spanish and my Filipino associates knew what this post really was about by the title alone…It does sound like a robot though right? No? Anyway..

As a man with an incredibly sweet tooth I’ve always loved cakes, pastries, biscuits, sweets – all the heavenly tasting things that are bad for you. To help satisfy this perpetual craving I’m lucky to be a European. Europe is the home of; Belgian Waffles, Italian Tiramisu, French Chocolate éclairs, English Apple Pie, Dutch Oliebollen, German Black Forest Gateau to name but a few.. a whole plethora of sweet delights. Since I moved to Asia however I have been heavily disappointed by Asian desserts with the exception of Cendol (A Malaysian ice brown sugar dessert).

In my office in Singapore I have many Filipino colleagues, one in particular introduced me to an originally Spanish delight still popular across all of Spain and the ex-Spanish colonies in particular very popular in The Philippines. This delight is known as Polvorón from the Spanish word Polvo meaning Dust. Made from dried powdered milk, butter and flour it has a strong sandstone / cakey texture which causes unbelievable dry mouth but the taste and texture I adore; and now probably class it as my favourite Asian sweet food.

They are so popular in the Philippines there are lots of different variants; original, cookies and cream, coffee and pinipig (which is kind of like polvoróron with rice crispies inside) and the most famous are those under the Goldilocks branding.

The Classic 'Original' Polvorón

Polvorón will never take the place of a bowl of steaming hot apple pie with custard from my heart but while I’m here in Asia surrounded by nasty Chinese bean paste abominations and Diabetes inducing Indian desserts they will surely quench my sweet tooth without the need for additional trips to the dentist.

Until next time.