Sunday, April 15, 2012

Romanian Speed

Forgot about the following useful information below that I acquired during my Christmas trip back to Amsterdam. One night in the Blues Brothers coffee shop I was with Danny and two randoms from the UK. These geezers were long time acquaintances of Danny's, they were cross European couriers. They were based in the London and collected and delivered cargo across various destinations throughout Europe.

Getting paid ridiculous amounts to their testimony to drive across Europe? Countless transshipment stops in Amsterdam? Sounds awesome right? Well they frequently have to drive through the evening and sometimes for days on end but fear not, these long distance drivers have a cure for petty tiredness..which they call Romanian Speed.

It's not illicit, narcotic or illegal.. and it keeps you up all night with ease laughing in the face of fatigue and slumber.

Ingredients are:

- A tablespoon of Nescafe Original Instant Powder / Granules
- A can of Diet Coca Cola


- Take the spoonful of coffee granules and chew rapidly
- Wash down with a diet coke drinking it as fast as you possibly can.
- Give 10 - 15 minutes for the Caffeine to kick in.

Having not tried this I cannot guarantee it works however these two guys were adamant it was superior to Pro Plus. I guess I have to put a disclaimer here NOT to try the above (unless you are crazy of course) especially if you have a dodgy ticker.

There you go; Romanian Speed information for all the long distance drivers out there.